Encounter Jesus

Encounter Jesus in 2017

Have a Word from God from the Word of God, everyday!

We need to have a plan in order to accomplish something in our lives.

“If we fail to plan we plan to fail.”

“If you don’t have a predetermined plan to grow more intimate with God, chances are you’re not going to grow closer to God.”

Make time to be with God! Read the Word of God everyday!

  • Plan to Pause and hear God!
  • Plan to pursue, and give your full attention to God!
    Have a reading plan to read the Bible
  • Use the journal called “Pause” to help or use your own
  • Ask the Lord to speak to you! Reflect on what He says and do it!
  • Learn to pray and write down what He says to you!
  • Use Bible commentaries and take time to press it.

If our whole church will do this, our church and city and world will change.


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