Zack’s Story

Zack’s Story

Here’s a story from one of our students named Zack:

My name is Zack, and recently, the Lord has been developing my walk with Him through Satellite. I’ve attended The Church On The Way my entire life, but I’ve never really had a passion for any sort of serving opportunities around the church. However, just this last year, I found a way to serve.

At the end of last year, I began picking up the guitar. When I finally was able to start playing some worship songs, one of my friends on the worship team asked me to come over so he could show me the basics of leading worship. After that day, I knew I wanted to join the worship team. Little did I know that after only playing guitar for two months, Pastor Ben would find himself short a worship team, and I’d be given the opportunity to lead worship at our youth group’s winter camp.

Since camp, I’ve lead worship for the group when I can. Leading worship has given me a unique view on leadership through service – not pride. God has also shown me how much work He wants to do in me before I’m spiritually prepared to lead on Sunday, and I’ve learned patience and diligence – waiting for God to lead our team in our song selection and theme.

I couldn’t have asked for a better growing process for myself, and also, for the youth group. For, as this is a completely new venture for me, it’s also a completely new concept for the students that I’m helping to lead – that is, having a peer lead worship instead of an adult. As Satellite continues to grow and thrive, I hope that the worship team will continue to bring the youth together, united, into the presence of the Lord.

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