The following vision statement was written by our senior pastor, Tim Clark.

What is my vision for the church that is being built? What do I clearly see us becoming? First and foremost, we exist to encounter Jesus and help others encounter Him through His work on the cross.

  1. I see a church, unified around Jesus, that is ethnically, racially, linguistically, politically, economically and generationally diverse, and that is clearly a one-of-a-kind and creative “bespoke” expression of God’s life in Los Angeles and to the world; We won’t unthinkingly copy other churches, but seek to be a unique resource to the Body of Christ.
  2. I see people who are disconnected from God or who’ve never known God being fully loved, accepted, and generously welcomed by our congregation as they find their way to Jesus and to the forgiveness and freedom that He offers; consequently, I see people giving their lives to Christ every time we gather, and I see us having clear pathways for people to learn to follow Him in discipleship.  
  3. I see multiple church services and locations full of individuals who are encountering Jesus and being equipped and transformed as a congregation together: Shaped by the Word of God and passionately worshipping and praying in the presence of a living God.
  4. I see people who are overflowing with the Holy Spirit, living prayer-filled lives and walking in supernatural authority and gifting as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom to minister all kinds of freedom to their broken world, starting in their own families and neighborhoods, continuing to our city and region, and reaching across the globe.
  5. I see our large church multiplying smaller circles of community: Small groups, discipleship opportunities and ministry and mission teams that are available for every member, multiplying all over the city, led by winsome, qualified servant-shepherds, helping people grow deep in the Word of God and grow together as the family of God.
  6. I see us discovering, discipling, developing and deploying emerging church leaders in our midst, keeping some of them, but sending many of them out and supporting and networking them as they lead all kinds of churches and ministries all over the world.
  7. I see our church interconnected with other churches across the globe; I see each member obeying the great commission by praying, giving and going, and I see us fulfilling our global mandate with a special call to encourage and equip emerging church leaders from rising generations wherever we go.
  8. I see us engaging bold and compelling ministry to kids, teenagers and college-aged people, inviting a rising generation into relationship with the Father, leading them to encounter and worship Christ, and training them to live in the power of the Holy Spirit, entering adulthood with a grasp of the call of God on their lives.  
  9. I see us calling a generation of young adults to radically give their lives to Jesus, and equipping them to find their way into living solid, spiritually and emotionally healthy lives, including in their family and peer relationships, ministry callings, and vocational assignments.
  10. I see a church that is courageously and dynamically intentional about reaching out to a multiethnic Millennial generation that will connect with what God is doing here & with one another: Growing deep in Jesus together and poised to be part of a global revival that has a fountainhead at this church and in Los Angeles.

In short: I see our church encountering Jesus as an authentic & growing community full of Spirit-empowered, prayerful disciples; a church of and for all generations that is young at heart and continually welcoming and adding young adults, and equipping them on a spiritual journey towards maturity, & I see a church that’s developing, sending, supporting & networking ministers and ministries all over our city & world as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God who are prepared to live and lead in a revival atmosphere.

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