14 Days-min

14 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Dear Church On The Way,

I’m inviting us all to step into 2023 by stepping towards the Lord, together.

From January 9 through 22, we are calling the church to a time of prayer and fasting. In the Bible, when God’s people were on the verge of something important, the leaders often called them to a special season of seeking the Lord in this same way. Saying “no” to something you desire, or need, or are used to having, and using that energy and time to call on the Lord in prayer is biblical and has been part of the pattern followers of God have followed for thousands of years.

While we’re not asking you to pray 24/7 for 14 days, we're also not anticipating you will abstain from all food. However, if you agree the Lord is getting ready to do something powerful at The Church On The Way and have a sense of anticipation that you would like to be a part of that move of God, I’d like to encourage you to:

1. Set aside some time each day to pray. This guide will help give you ideas for your prayer time and will help you be "on the same page” as the rest of TCOTW as we pray together.

2. Set aside something to fast for these 14 days. Giving up some specific food, or drink, or media, etc. gives us a constant reminder of a heightened prayer focus and helps us remember that God alone is the true source of our energy and enjoyment.

As part of this short season to kick off the year, we will gather at 7pm, on Wednesday, January 11, in The Living Room, for a concentrated time of prayer.

I’m full of expectancy that 2023 will be filled with the purpose and power of the Lord. Thanks for joining me in welcoming all God has for The Church On The Way and for each of us who are a part of that church.


Pastor Tim

The Church on the Way