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About Us

We’re a church that’s been around for quite a few years (actually, since 1926) and while a lot has changed since then, the foundational things have stayed the same. Here’s a little bit about who we are, and what we believe – and where you can find us on a Sunday morning (the best way to get to know us!). You’ll find that we’re passionate about encountering Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, with a call to reach Los Angeles.

A Word From Our Pastors

Meet Our Senior Pastors

Tim & Deborah Clark

Tim and Deborah have been leading the church since 2014, and believe in seeing revival across Los Angeles, and in making disciples for Jesus in the next generation. They have served in a variety of ministry position over the years, including District Supervisor for Foursquare, Dean of Students at Life Pacific College and church planters. Their hearts beat with the local church and they love being lead pastors. They have three kids and enjoy exploring Los Angeles with them.


Contact Us

Want to come join us on a Sunday? Or have a question? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us through email or give us a call. If you’d like to stop by our church office, our hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Thursday.

Who We Are

We are part of the FOURSQUARE church family for more information on the Foursquare beliefs click here.

The Church on the Way