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All Eyes On Zeke

November 11, 2020·Abby PreJean

The prophet Ezekiel is case in point that God uses our interrupted plans to propel us into His perfect plan.

Since boyhood, Ezekiel had been training to be a priest in Jerusalem. Years later, he was taken into imprisonment in Babylon. Five years into imprisonment, God gave Ezekiel an extravagant birthday gift for his 30th birthday.

God shows Ezekiel a very descriptive vision (Chapter 1). Ezekiel is summoned to stand to his feet, after an impartation of the Holy Spirit, and take on the call from God (Chapter 2) to go and be a prophet to a very rebellious and idolatrous Israel.

Ezekiel’s first mission from God is to be an actor portraying what is going to happen to Israel for all to see (Chapter 4). This isn’t your basic monologue or even charades. This is pretty intense method acting on Ezekiel’s part. God asks him to do some unorthodox things to drive home a point.

But, spoiler alert, Israel doesn’t get the clue, even with God breathing the orders through His servant. And sadly, the story gets worse before it gets better.

What we can be sure of in the first few chapters of Ezekiel is this fundamental key. When God interrupts our plans, He always has a better plan in mind. And it might take some faith and extreme obedience on our part, but we know that His Word can be trusted.

The cost of being inconvenienced is small, compared to all the glory God will get in the process. God will be glorified and His children, you and I, will be blessed for obeying.

And, as we sojourn into the remainder of Ezekiel, we find out all that God does through Ezekiel to restore Israel and prepare for their world to really get rocked in the centuries to come.

So, let’s start implementing this practice in our lives when our plans get interrupted. Ask God, through prayer, journaling, worship, or however you commune with God, this simple question, “My plans have been interrupted. How can I serve you, Lord?”

Let’s see what happens.

Pastor Abby PreJean

The Church on the Way