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June 8, 2022·Brian Majors

Decisions… Decisions

2 Samuel 5:18-19, 22-25

Have you ever made a hasty/quick decision and the situation or task turns out to be a disaster; maybe in a good-hearted attempt to better your own or someone else’s circumstance, you make things much worse? Am I the only one who looks back at those moments, whether great or small, and wonders, “why didn’t I pray about that first?”

In the life of King David, we see him make some horrible decisions and some really good decisions… I’m sure we can all relate. Specifically, early in his 40-year reign, the Book of 2 Samuel gives us two stories of King David defeating the Philistines in battle, because he “inquired of the Lord” each time. If you glance over this, you might assume that a king should “inquire of the Lord” before battle, you might even hope and pray that our leaders are doing the same.

All that to say, David’s “inquiring of the Lord” was not placed here for us to assume that’s what a king should do, it’s here to remind us that God’s way is always better than our way. God’s way leads to victory, God’s way leads to peace, God’s way leads to health, God’s way leads to truth, which ultimately leads us to His love. We should all inquire and seek God’s guidance for our lives.

If there’s any encouragement from this scripture or devotional… You can’t just assume, but know that humbling ourselves to the Lord’s direction in our lives leads to life… life to the fullest.

Take time this week, each day, to simply ask the Lord, “please guide my decisions, lead me in the way everlasting.”  Because ultimately, His way is always better than ours.

Pastor Brian Majors

The Church on the Way