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Do It Like Queen Esther!

December 23, 2020·Carmen Quevedo

This week, we’re reading the Book of Esther. And if you haven’t started yet, I encourage you to take the time to read the whole book in one sitting. Most of the time, we’ll read one or two chapters in a day, and the Lord will show us some nugget of truth to apply to our lives. And that’s certainly true with the Book of Esther as well. But this section of Scripture, in particular, reads like a novel — set in the king’s court, there is deception, envy, danger, and a heroine that saves the day in the most creative way! Check it out for yourself and see if the words on the page don’t leap out at you in living color!

Esther was a Jew, an Exile in a foreign land. She found herself first in the king’s court, and then became queen! There is no reason Esther should have found herself to be the queen, yet there she was, with position and a voice when her people, the Jews, faced complete destruction. Now, she knew she couldn’t go ask the king to intervene without risking her own life. And when she voiced that concern, her cousin, Mordecai, responded that God would save the Jews with or without her. But he challenged her to do what was right and declared in Esther 4:14:

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

I have to believe that Queen Esther experienced that same hesitation we often face, when we know what to do, but aren’t sure if we’re willing to pay the price to do what’s right. Sometimes, we hesitate to do what’s right because we’re afraid, sometimes embarrassed, and sometimes because we don’t fully understand the position and voice that we have.

Queen Esther, even while wearing her royal robes, could have remained quiet. Protocol, custom and even law, gave her reason to remain quiet. But the truth was, she was there for such a time as this. She had standing, position, and a voice.

We hear a lot of talk these days about people standing up to power, being the voice for those who have no voice. These are important conversations. And I believe we all face moments when we need to speak up for what’s right, often on behalf of others. And when we do so, perhaps, we should look to Queen Esther as an example:

  • She began by calling on others to fast and pray with her before she even stepped out.
  • She approached the king in humility and grace.
  • She knew timing mattered. She wasn’t in a hurry. This woman threw two banquets before she ever approached the subject with the king!
  • And when she asked, she asked boldly that the King would not just spare her, but all her people.

Yes, it’s very important for us to step up and use our voices when we find ourselves in places where we can do good, at such a time as this. But let’s remember to do so prayerfully, with great humility, assessing the right timing, and with great boldness.

So, do something that is right this week, even if it’s hard. But do it like Queen Esther!

Pastor Carmen Quevedo

The Church on the Way