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Knowing & Trusting

January 29, 2020·Scott McBride

When was the last time someone asked if you knew someone else? Or how about when someone introduced someone else to you, because they knew you would benefit from the connection? I often have people ask if I know so and so. I typically will have one of several responses: no, I don’t know them; no, I don’t know them, but I know of them; yes, I know them a little (they’re in my network, and we’re acquaintances); or, we’re colleagues or neighbors or we’re family or friends…  We live with degrees of relationship.

One of our devotional reading passages in the Pause plan this week talks about people who know and have a relationship with God:

Psalm 9:10 (NIV)
Those who know Your name trust in You, for You, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek You.

TRUST is the byproduct of KNOWING.

King David wrote this psalm as a way to teach people about God, to help them connect with Him. He communicates that God-seekers can deeply know God. And then David says, people who have that kind of relationship with God, who really know Him and follow Him, can live their lives with God on the level of trust. He writes from his experience, not just theory or conviction. David’s lyrics came from his greatest successes, as well as the pain of personal failure, and yet never seeing God abandon him.

Recently, I flew across the country to work with some friends, and I got to take my wife with me. We’d been looking forward to this trip, because of the people and where they live. But one important detail was missing when we flew out… where we were staying. (True confession, normally I work out all the details long before I leave on work trips — flight, car, lodging, etc., but this trip ended up being a little more unusual, because I was waiting on my friend to tell us where to go and he hadn’t yet. I also knew my planner of a wife would not be all excited to jump in a plane with me and hear, “Trust me, it’s going to all work out…”)

So, while I told her all the details weren’t worked out yet, I also told her about my friend “Michael.” Michael and I have years of history and I know him, his values and his processes… we’ve built up a lot of trust over time. Sure enough, when we landed, Michael had everything set; the trip went great, we had a good time, and we didn’t stress needlessly along the way.

I highlighted this Psalm in my Bible years ago, because, as I’ve followed God, I’ve had many opportunities to rely on God and to trust Him. I’ve learned not just His name, but His values. And along the way, I’ve had my share of challenges and disappointments too. But while I’ve questioned God (a lot sometimes), I’ve never ever experienced Him turning away from me. Trusting in Him has taken me time, but when I look at this passage, it resonates deeply with me, because it matches my experience. Trusting in God has allowed me to extend comfort in challenging times, to grow my faith and to see God come through in ways other people never thought possible. And it seems, as I continue walking with God, there are always more opportunities to trust Him.

As a family, we’re in another season of great trust in God, His character, His provision, His plans; actually, my list is quite long and the details real. But, like David, I want it said of me that I know God, I’ve put my trust in Him, and I expect His continuous presence in my life. Where is it that you’re challenged to trust God right now? Or, are you in a season where you’re already trusting God to come through? Either way, thank you for the privilege of getting to know you, as we together follow Jesus. He has great things ahead for us all!

Pastor Scott McBride

The Church on the Way