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The Humanity of Jesus

November 13, 2019·Abby PreJean

Growing up in a Christian home, I often imagined Jesus as a hippie, whenever I read about His life and ministry on earth. Peace and love, man. Peace and love! We, as human beings, have many misconceptions of who God is. And while I think that “hippie Jesus” and “God with a lightning bolt” are common misconceptions, they can also skew our view of the way we see Jesus in the Bible.

He came to Earth as a human being to dwell among us (John 1:14). While He remained sinless and fully God, He was still fully human too. He gets thirsty (John 4:7), takes naps (Luke 8:23), and even spits to make mud, so He can perform a miracle (John 9:6)! Not to mention, He dies and is buried (John 19), and even has the nail marks on His palms to prove it after His resurrection.

He took on everything to be like us. We see this beautifully showcased in John 11:35, with the simple verse that says, “Jesus wept.”

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible, not because it is the shortest verse in the Bible or because I got away with it a few times as my memory verse in elementary school, it’s also one of my favorite verses because it reminds us that Jesus is still a man. Jesus was flesh and blood. You cut Him, and He will bleed. A loved one dies, and He is grieved.

Jesus had to be human. That’s one of the ways His death was the even exchange. He had to be fully human to redeem people who are fully human.

As we voyage through our relationship with God, He is faithful to clear the misconceptions to help us understand who He really is and the price Jesus paid on the Cross.

Pastor Abby PreJean

The Church on the Way