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The Kingdom of Healing

January 13, 2021·Jon Berglund

“Woman, you are set free from your sickness.”  — Luke 13:12 (CEB)

The Kingdom of God is the kingdom of healing. Jesus came proclaiming “release for the captives” and “recovery of sight for the blind” (Luke 4:17-21), and He bought that release and recovery with His blood.

Who do you know right now that needs Jesus’ healing word and touch? God doesn’t want to release you only; He wants you to “go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37) — to share His healing with the world. But do you believe that? Can you look past a person’s appearance, social class, living situation, or political views long enough to see them? To understand them? To offer them healing?

Do you want to see the world changed? It changes one person at a time. In the Kingdom of God, a small seed turns into a great tree, and a small act of compassion tears down demonic strongholds. When Jesus released that woman from her sickness of 18 years, he restored a bit of heaven on earth. And we get to share in that same cosmic ministry.

While God’s ways adjust over time to meet different needs, His character and the character of His Kingdom remain the same — healing yesterday, today, and forever.

Pastor Jon Berglund

The Church on the Way