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June 2, 2021·Kesley Reis

Have you ever wondered why someone imperfect, like David, was called a man after God’s own heart? This character fascinates me for many reasons. For one, he was a musician, like I am, but most importantly, he had such a profound relationship with God that allowed him to be one of the best kings on this earth, in spite of the many mistakes he made in his life.

One of the reasons King David pleased God in his life is found in this week’s Pause Bible reading plan. In 1 Samuel 24, Saul was still the king, but he was moved by jealousy, conspiracy, and a sinful heart to try to take David’s life. Notice that at this point, David had already been anointed to be the next king after the Giant Goliath episode. David could have easily been prideful and killed Saul, since God Himself had decided that he would become the king. But instead, David responds in a way that amazes me, he doesn’t even touch Saul when he has the chance to, and he even rebukes his men, warning them not to attack Saul. David recognizes that God chose Saul to be king before him and, therefore, doesn’t take matters into his own hands. He waits patiently on God.

It’s interesting that there is a similar situation happening to Jesus in Matthew 26:52–56, when the apostle Peter doesn’t understand the real purpose of Jesus’ mission and attacks the soldier who tried to arrest Jesus. Like David, Jesus also rebukes His disciple, explaining that He’s not planning a rebellion against the authorities. Instead, Jesus humbles Himself to God’s will and waits patiently on God.

Have you ever become frustrated at your parents, or boss, your president, or your pastor? Sometimes, we see our leaders and authority figures taking a different path than the Lord had planned for them, or having their hearts corrupted by sinfulness. But, instead of judging or rebelling, we’re called to pray for them and wait patiently on God, acknowledging that He is in control of everything. Just like King Saul paid for his mistakes, God will judge every action and administer justice in His perfect time. Just like David was never forsaken by the Lord, you too will never be left behind.

Let’s pray for those whom God has anointed, even when we see them stumbling. In the midst of our mistakes, remember that God is still in control and when you honor those He has anointed, you are honoring our Creator and our Savior, King Jesus. Wait patiently on God.

Kesley Reis

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