Circle Up, Part 2

September 19, 2016 · Tim Clark

Matthew 9 – God is calling us to multiply groups
…It’s towards a larger purpose including prayer & discipleship, care  connection; we’re developing smaller circles— relational communities of faith!
Ask Yourself these questions:

  • Are you just part of a crowd, or have you discovered a community?
  • If you are part of a congregation, do you also have a crew?

Though Jesus did life with a smaller community of disciples, He always welcomed/ministered to crowds, but ultimately recognized there was more that was needed. He knew that a person’s deep spiritual needs can’t be truly met in a crowd.
He looks at a large gathering who’ve come to encounter Him

Jesus says to you –

“I know you’re hungry, I know you feel harassed by the enemy  sometimes feel helpless. He moves people out of anonymous crowds moves them into deeper communities of faith.

I find 2 reasons for this:

1. For the people’s sake, we’ve been conditioned to think: “If I could just get my friend to church to hear the Gospel & experience God, that’d be enough”
2. 2nd reason Jesus calls disciples to extend His life through face-to-face connection is for sake of the disciples themselves!
He left the comforts of HIS home (heaven) and lived among us because we were in great need. So He calls us to give our lives to extend community to others. if we’re only recipients of community, we can become selfish.
Which one are you part of?   If someone is stuck in the crowd, my deep desire is for you to find the next step; connection to a congregation, maybe to relationship in a community, or even friendship with a crew!
That’s one of the reasons we’re doing small groups. Not to start a new program… but to help people find relational spiritual support as part of a congregation, or to plug into a community, or even, to possibly, discover your crew!


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