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The Book and the Plan.

January 1, 2020·Tim Clark

New Year.

Fresh Start.

I’ve grown to love January 1, because of what it represents. While there’s nothing particularly magic about transitioning from one day to the next, our whole culture recognizes there’s significance attached to beginning with an “untouched” new year.

If you don’t believe me, just look at all the material being pushed right now that entices people to life-change as they start their new year — IF they will buy their $25 book or their $250 plan.

At the risk of sounding like a salesman, I’ve discovered a Book and a plan that will change your life forever.

First, the Book: One of the reasons I LOVE January 1 is that I begin to read the Bible all over again, starting in Genesis 1 and in Luke 1. And usually, I do it in a new Bible (because I famously “destroy” my Bible most years with notes, impressions and questions in the margins, and underlines, circles and exclamation points in the text).

Now, the plan: In the PAUSE Bible Reading Plan I co-developed, we start in Genesis, because in it we learn God is the source of all creation. And we start in Luke, because we are drawn into the story of this God who entered His creation to rescue His most precious part of creation — humans — from the bondage of sin and death and to restore us to His original created intent.

The Bible has the power to realign us to the purposes of the King of the universe; it’s the primary way we learn to understand God’s character and to hear His voice.

You may have another plan you use to read through the Bible; if so, that’s great! But if you’re looking for a plan to engage God’s written Word this year, consider the PAUSE plan many in our church work through together. It’s divided into two sections: There’s a daily reading that tackles about one chapter a day and will get you through the entire New Testament and Psalms in a year. Then, there’s an additional daily reading of two (occasionally three) chapters, that works through the Old Testament in historical, sequential order.

And every week, we email a spiritual encouragement, written by one of our pastors or leaders, based on one of the chapters we read that week in the plan.

Great news…the plan and the encouragement are free; they are our gift to you, to help you dive deeper into the amazing love, grace and plan God reveals in the Bible.

  • If you’d like to access this plan, you can find it at:  (I bookmark this page on my phone, so I can reference it daily), OR you can pick up a paper copy at the Info Center in the courtyard at any time.

And regardless of what plan you use, join me in making a fresh start in the Word of God in this new year!

Pastor Tim Clark

The Church on the Way