Looking for a great group of people to connect and grow in Christ with? Check out which kind of small group is a good fit for you!

Curricular small groups have a designated number of weeks, specific work and activities that are accomplished, and do not allow for new members to join the group once they have begun.

These groups are light-hearted, very relational by nature, and casual in structure. Rather than focusing on material, they are about getting people together and building relationship through shared experiences.

These groups accomplish and focus on exactly what the name implies… prayer. Meeting weekly, monthly, or even DAILY depending on availability. The purpose of these groups is to come together in fellowship, build relationship and pray together for a specific topic or issue.

Study/Focus groups go through specific topics: the Bible, leadership, marriage, freedom, or anything edifying. These groups provide an opportunity for common ground to be found in what is shared and experienced.

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