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The Kingdom of God Is Within You

January 20, 2021·Desiree Wilson

Luke 17:20-21
“Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The Kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Do you ever find yourself reading the Bible and, suddenly, a word just jumps out and profoundly impacts you? This was my experience today, as I read Luke 17:20-21. Jesus’ response, “the Kingdom of God is within you,” struck me! How often do we, like the Pharisees, ask God when His Kingdom will come and search for signs of the Kingdom, but we forget and/or lose sight of the fact that, as children of God, His Kingdom is within us!

We are called to live aware of the fact that His Kingdom reigns and resides in us. This beautiful and powerful reality is not just for our own personal gain and development; we’re called to share the Kingdom of God with the world around us. We’re called to allow His Kingdom to reign in and through us! Everywhere we go, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our schools, in the store, on walks, even as we live socially distanced, we are still called to express and share the power of the Kingdom of God!

The Kingdom of God and healing power of salvation are at work within us. And God longs to express and share His Kingdom through us. Through the saving power of Jesus, you have the authority to bring love, healing, life, joy, peace, freedom, light and salvation everywhere you go. His Kingdom is within you… never lose sight of this very important truth.

Would you join me this week in asking God to make you aware of the reality that His Kingdom is within you? And ask God daily to show you how to share His Kingdom everywhere you go.

Pastor Desiree Wilson

The Church on the Way