Knowing God's Will

February 5, 2017 · Tim Clark

Book of Romans  (Series “This Is Us”)
Embrace Roman’s  Ch 1-11 A Treatise of God’s Mercy

  • We are created in God’s image, but We are messed up
  • People are broken
  • We deserve judgement…. but God provides mercy
  • God bridged the gap between a Holy God and sinful man
  • Jesus took our sin on the cross and now we live Resurrection life
  •  Not because we deserve it but because of God’s mercy through Jesus
  • We have the ability to live the way God intends us to live.

Romans Chapters 12-16
How do we apply God’s mercy so we are restored to the purpose we are created
How do we live our lives as restored family, together
What does someone who’s encountered mercy in Jesus – look like
How to Discern God’s will  Roman’s 12: 1-2


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