God With Us, Part 2

December 11, 2016 · Tim Clark

The Church on the Way
God With Us, Part 2




[biblegateway passage=”Matthew 2:1-12″]

Reference Notes

The Genealogy of Jesus the Messiah – [biblegateway passage=”Matthew 1:1-16″] (NIV)

  • Abraham – Lied about Sarah
  • Issac – was blessed
  • Jacob – called deceiver
  • Joseph – Jacob’s favorite
  • Tamar – Daughter in Law, became a prostitute to her father in law
  • Salmon – married Rahab, a non Jew and harlot because she helped  the spies
  • Boaz – married Ruth, a despised Moabites
  • David – took Bathsheba as a wife when she was already married, then had her  husband killed.
  • Solomon – son of Bathsheba
  • Rehoboam – messed up the Israelites so much that the kingdom split.

[biblegateway passage=”Romans 3:23″]


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The Church on the Way