Saturated: Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Alex Michel

September 10, 2017 · Alex Michel

The Church on the Way
The Church on the Way
Saturated: Baptism with the Holy Spirit - Alex Michel



Today can change the trajectory of your life!

Acts 1:4-5, 7, 8; 2:1-4

Witness: “To know me is to experience God”

Day 1 –Indwelling of the Holy Spirit happens when we are saved – John 20:21-22
Day 40 — Wait — Acts 1:4-5  Do not leave but wait to be baptized by the Holy Spirit
Day 50 –Immersed — Acts 2:1-4 (saturated-like when garments are dyed)
To have dynamic power to lay down your will for His will on earth.
Chocolate Milk Illustration:  Milk with added chocolate syrup is not Chocolate Milk until it is “stirred up.” It is now saturated and will not go back to Chocolate and Milk.
We aren’t meant to just have the “chocolate” (Holy Spirit) in our person, but to be immersed in it.
Wind, Fire, Utterance – Expect that The Spirit will empower your witness, purify and comfort us, and help us to speak what we believe.

“The Highest evidence of the work of the Spirit in Jesus’ Life was His ability to be a servant.”  – John Huntsinger

“Not My will but Yours be done.” – Jesus

Live a surrendered life -The highest evidence of being immersed in the Holy Spirit. Surrender your sinful behaviors and people pleasing in the life you are living on this earth.
Be – being filled in the Holy Spirit. An overflowing life so that we are filled and we can be a fountain to others to flow into their lives.
Don’t let fear be the driver in your life.
We don’t need to perform, we need to rest in Jesus
Surrender unforgiveness
Let God be a Father to you and He will heal you.


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